From a Texas Sale Barn to the US Capitol


Humble Beginnings

In 2006, JoAnn and I planted an interdenominational church in a cattle sale barn on the Kiepersol Ranch in the small East Texas community of Bullard, Texas. With a handful of friends we started Bridlewood Church. Visiting every home in town we asked folks who had quit going to church for what ever reasons to let us be their "last chance church." We grew from a handful to just over a hundred people from every denomination you could name.  About two years later we left the barn and moved into a storefront in town. We could have never guessed where this journey of faith would lead.


"Lord, if there is any way"

At the beginning of 2010,  we began praying for America. We were just a small country storefront church, but I remember closing our prayer service one Wednesday evening with these words, "Lord, if there is any way, open a door for this country church to be a blessing to our nation." Within three years that metaphoric "door" that I prayed for in a storefront church would become the literal door to the US Capitol in Washington, DC. On September 22, 2010, we organized about 30 churches in East Texas to gather in the Bushman Center in Bullard, Texas, asking folks to "COME PRAY WITH ME." Over a thousand people came.  It was the first of several prayer rallies held in the East Texas area. 


Washington A Man of Prayer 2012

The next step in our journey of faith came as JoAnn and I became part of the mobilization staff for The Response USA, a national prayer event in Houston's Reliant Stadium in the summer of 2011. Over 42,000 people came to pray for America. 

A few months later, I had the vision of holding an event in Statuary Hall of the US Capitol to honor President Washington's first inaugural and the first act of that First Congress which occurred on April 30, 1789, when the newly elected president and Congress held a Divine Service in St. Paul's Chapel, led by the first Senate chaplain the Reverend Samuel Provoost, to offer dedicatory prayers on behalf of the new Republic. 

I had no idea the level of impossibilities I faced when I emailed then Speaker of the House John Boehner asking him to allow me to use Statuary Hall, the original chamber of the House of Representatives, as the venue for our event - Washington A Man of Prayer.  

On May 8, 2012, miracles-of-miracles, Speaker Boehner granted this storefront country pastor permission to use this prestigious room and we held our first "Washington A Man of Prayer" event in Statuary Hall. That was eight years ago. 

So much has happened since that Wednesday night prayer service in a storefront church in tiny Bullard, Texas. So many miracles have happened along the way it would take an entire website to list them. 

JoAnn and I want to encourage you to never despise the day of small beginnings. Little is much when God is in it. Follow your vision.

And most importantly know this, "God is not finished with America yet!"