No Services during August Recess

Wednesdays, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Capitol Room H122 (Except Federal Holidays and the month of August)


Our weekly Wednesday evening Christian worship services are held for all members of Congress and staff in H122, the Speaker’s Capitol Dining Room. They are open to people of all faiths.


Our Capitol Worship services are non-political, bi-partisan and provide members of both parties an oasis of spiritual encouragement in the middle of their busy week. Members may invite their pastors to be our guest speakers.  

Over 150 different members of Congress, several ambassadors and even a White House chef have attended Capitol Worship with some committing their lives to Christ. Each Capitol Worship service concludes with communion, prayer and singing around the Rotunda’s Golden Circle.

Members of Congress may invite their Pastor, Priest or Rabbi (or a minister from their state or district) to be our guest speaker. Contact us or available dates and scheduling.  

Continuing the Tradition

From 1800-1869, weekly Christian worship services occurred in the U.S. Capitol. Presidents from Jefferson to Garfield attended with the U.S. Marine Band often playing the hymns. As many as 2,000 participated in Sunday worship. 

How to Attend

Services are open to all members of Congress, staff, any federal employee and their guests.

The public may attend only by special invitation. Contact us if you or your group would like to attend one of our Wednesday evening worship services.

Email requests to:


1. Your group or organization's name

2. Your city and state

3. How many in your group

4. What Wednesday evening you want to attend. (Except Federal Holidays and the month of August)

5. The name of your state senators or representative.